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Renzo Alferez: On swooning many hearts as the ever-famous thief

In today’s article, let’s get to know another Kaitou Kid cosplayer, Renzo Alferez, as he shares the charm, passion and love for the series, Detective Conan.

© marisxa

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Detective Conan Movie 21 Blocked Screening

Detective Conan Philippines goes to Director’s Club!

Detective Conan Movie 21 Blocked Screening
(A DCPH Mini Event)

Source: ODEX Private Limited

A pre registration with DCPH is required to participate on this Blocked Screening.

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Celty Kishitani: On Cosplay and Detective Conan

It is fun and weird to be writing about yourself on a fan page website. Hahaha! But I have to get through it!
Starting today, we will be featuring Detective Conan cosplayers from the Philippines. And I thought, since I am getting into this already, why not start with myself?

The first event where I cosplayed was ToyCon 2011. It was not a very good Misa Amane cosplayer, but everyone knows who I am. And since then, I just started cosplaying because bringing your favorite characters to life is fun and that feeling is very special.

In Detective Conan universe, I have cosplayed Conan Edogawa himself on Ozine Fest 2014 Day 2. It was fun and I tagged along a group of Kuroko no Basuke cosplayers.

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Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport – what a long name!

crying sheep

Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport

And so, today I’ll introduce you to the Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport! This is quite old news and I am sure this is not your first time hearing about this airport. But today I would like to bring you some pictures of the airport!

Tottori City, the capital of Tottori Prefecture, is located in western Japan, along the coast of the Sea of Japan. Tottori is famous for its sand dunes, which cover over THIRTY SQUARE KILOMETRES (wow!) of coast to the north of the city centre. And in this prefecture, there is an airport that is named after its sand dunes and well, Conan! Isn’t that amazing?

So on the way to the airport, you can see this sign:

with conan

So eye-catching! I would definitely not miss the airport now!

And when you reach the airport…

Tottori sand dunes conan airport!

This is the airport entrance… WOW.

And trust me that when you enter the airport…

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Conan Cafe (コナンカフェ)

crying sheep

In line with the new Conan movie, Gouka no Himawari (業火の向日葵),

2 Conan Cafes will be opened in Tokyo and Osaka, the TOWER RECORDS CAFE and Toki no Hiroba (時空の広場) respectively.

Fans of Detective Conan will be able to purchase food and goods related to Detective Conan.

Below is a (incomplete) list of food and goods that may interest you:

1. Pop Open Kaitou KID Pudding ala carte


1580 yen (about $13.30)

2.  Poirot Cafe Good Old Neapolitan served with Conan Bread


1790 yen (about $15)

3. Danny’s Special “Chicken Curry” and Haibara & Ayumi’s Handmade “Black Curry” with Creamy Egg Omelette and Ribbon Pasta


1890 yen (about $15.90)

4. Conan & Kaitou KID’s Special BLT Sandwich and Cheese Burger and Fried Potato


2150 yen (about $18.10)

5. Shinichi’s Favourite Handmade Lemon Pie


980 yen (about $8.20)

6. Conan Latte


650 yen (about $5.50)

7. Kaitou KID Latte


650 yen…

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[OPEN] DCPH Fanbase Membership Application

Thank you for answering our Fanclub survey. And as a result of your positive feedbacks, we are now doing our best to establish DCPH as a solid Fanbase of Detective Conan here in the Philippines!

With regards to this, we hope for your active participation and also help us unite all Filipino Detective Conan Fans!
And because that, the membership for the said fanbase is now OPEN!

Please make sure to READ AND UNDERSTAND everything what is written there and also make sure that you review your answers when filling up the form to avoid any errors before submitting us your membership application form.

Click the image below for Membership Application Form.fanclub-membership

All for the Merch: Shopping Quest in Osaka

Before the Autumn ended, I went on a trip to Osaka, specifically in Den Den Town (literally Electric Town). It is dubbed as the Akihabara of Osaka, streets littered with gaming, collection and mobile stores. It is also colorfully laden with game centers, manga shops, toy stores and media stores, and it was perfect for any shopping quest.

Den Den Town early in the morning

My hotel is conveniently located right in front of this Gunpla store, and my window view was a delight.

View from my Hotel Room Window
Where I stayed

I only spent three days in Osaka, but it was really memorable. It’s not everyday that you are in Japan so, why would I pass up this chance to shop around?

I know it is kinda rude to take pictures inside a store, but I don’t see why. I went to Pokemon Center in Umeda and everyone was just taking photos, so… eh.

The first thing that caught my eye was this Kaito Kid dakimakura (body pillow). It is pretty expensive (I am pretty sure it is 16,000¥) for me but I think a standard price for dakimakura. I genuinely love the design because it is not naked like most dakimakura and Kaito Kid would be just laying there on your bed with you. Beside it is a Ran magic pillow that costs 3,000¥.

Kaito Kid-sama 😍

After walking around, the ground floor of this building is actually filled with random anime goodies, but unfortunately I cannot take photos as there were a lot of people and many staff that may kick me out of the store if I do.

So I just left and walked around the gaming centers when I spotted these Amuro and Akai merchandise posters. Apprently, you can win these in one of the machines, but yeah, I can’t take photos because of the staff. Anyway, it is worth checking out if you do plan to go to Osaka.

Hanging off keychain
Premium Birthday Cards

And last but not the least are doujinshi. They are literally fan fictions and apparently a lot of publishers produce them for the fans. I am not quite familiar with licensure or anything, but I guess that is also one reason why they prohibit pictures (but heck, you can Google everything now). I won’t be naming the shop, but, hello, it’s not like it’s not everywhere.

Sneak photo of one of the many displays

Standard price of each book is 380¥ and I would have bought a lot if I was not living with kids at home. So I’ll save it for some other time. And of course, it is in Japanese. Better work that language skills if you want to fully enjoy the experience.

And back in my hotel, they also have the complete collection of the Detective Conan manga, free for everyone to read. It is conveniently located near the laundry area and I only saw it while doing my laundry on my last day. If I only knew it earlier. I don’t have a decent photo of it but apparently you can see it on Google.


Parting Shot

Well, don’t be sad if you can’t visit Japan any time soon because here in the Philippines we can find thrift shops and conventions where they sell Detectove Conan merchandise. A good example of thrift shop that sells authentic Detective Conan manga for 100 pesos can be found in Araneta Square in Monumento, Caloocan City (one ride from any LRT-1 station). But be reminded that they are all in Japanese.

Manga for 100 pesos

If Japanese is something that you are not willing to learn anytime soon, you can check out the licensed version here in the Philippines… in our very own language! J-Line Comics is too kind to bring us Volume 1 – 10 of the manga. Click here to know more about J-Line and their titles, but basically you can find it in bookstores nationwide.

Speaking of which, would you like to know more about Japanese animation and the whole process of making an anime episode like Detective Conan? We are having a talk on that exact same topic in collaboration with J-Line Comics and SEACAT. Click here for information and free registration. See you there!