Detective Conan cosplayers from all over the Philippines!

Will update this page for each feature. Click over the name of the cosplayer to get to know more about them.







If you are interested and wants us to share your stories as Detective Conan and/or Magic Kaito Cosplayers / Cosplay Group (in the Philippines) you may email us  at

Share your stories, experiences, best moments or unforgettable memories when you cosplay any character from the said series and being a fan.


Subject: My Cosplay Experience – <character> – <your Name or your cosplay screen name>

Name: (Please notify us if you don’t want us to reveal your real name.)
Cosplay Name:
Character Cosplaying:
Link of Your World Cosplay Account
Link of Your Page/Blog/Site:
Attach 3 or more photos. If possible please send High Quality photos.
If it is not your photo don’t forget to ask for the photographer’s consent before submitting it to us.
Photographer’s Name and Page/Blog/Site Link:
(So we can credit the photographer properly





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