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[Shogakukan Asia] Gosho Aoyama – Detective Conan speed drawing & interview





Detective Conan fans! Check out this speed drawing of Detective Conan’s Shinichi Kudo — by none other than its comic author Gosho Aoyama-sensei himself!

And while you’re at it, check out all of the Detective Conan comics we’ve published:…/

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Source: Shogakukan Asia


[ENG SUB] Movie 21 Teaser


So here it is Movie 21 Teaser.

We only hard-subbed this.
Credits to the translators and soft-subbers.

I edited the video’s brightness so you might notice the inconsistency of the lighting, and also added slight old style film filter but barely noticable to avoid the copyright claim.. because I always get this Blocked worldwide.. so yeah better watch it before this video gets traced.

This video is unlisted. You cannot find this on the search box.
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A/N: I just tried subbing this one video to practice. This is my first time subbing a video.


Photo above from: Conan Portal