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Detective Conan Movie 21 Blocked Screening

Detective Conan Philippines goes to Director’s Club!

Detective Conan Movie 21 Blocked Screening
(A DCPH Mini Event)

Source: ODEX Private Limited

A pre registration with DCPH is required to participate on this Blocked Screening.

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[Shogakukan Asia] Gosho Aoyama – Detective Conan speed drawing & interview





Detective Conan fans! Check out this speed drawing of Detective Conan’s Shinichi Kudo — by none other than its comic author Gosho Aoyama-sensei himself!

And while you’re at it, check out all of the Detective Conan comics we’ve published:…/

#ShogakukanAsia #DetectiveConan#CaseClosed



Source: Shogakukan Asia

Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport – what a long name!

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Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport

And so, today I’ll introduce you to the Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport! This is quite old news and I am sure this is not your first time hearing about this airport. But today I would like to bring you some pictures of the airport!

Tottori City, the capital of Tottori Prefecture, is located in western Japan, along the coast of the Sea of Japan. Tottori is famous for its sand dunes, which cover over THIRTY SQUARE KILOMETRES (wow!) of coast to the north of the city centre. And in this prefecture, there is an airport that is named after its sand dunes and well, Conan! Isn’t that amazing?

So on the way to the airport, you can see this sign:

with conan

So eye-catching! I would definitely not miss the airport now!

And when you reach the airport…

Tottori sand dunes conan airport!

This is the airport entrance… WOW.

And trust me that when you enter the airport…

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Conan Cafe (コナンカフェ)

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In line with the new Conan movie, Gouka no Himawari (業火の向日葵),

2 Conan Cafes will be opened in Tokyo and Osaka, the TOWER RECORDS CAFE and Toki no Hiroba (時空の広場) respectively.

Fans of Detective Conan will be able to purchase food and goods related to Detective Conan.

Below is a (incomplete) list of food and goods that may interest you:

1. Pop Open Kaitou KID Pudding ala carte


1580 yen (about $13.30)

2.  Poirot Cafe Good Old Neapolitan served with Conan Bread


1790 yen (about $15)

3. Danny’s Special “Chicken Curry” and Haibara & Ayumi’s Handmade “Black Curry” with Creamy Egg Omelette and Ribbon Pasta


1890 yen (about $15.90)

4. Conan & Kaitou KID’s Special BLT Sandwich and Cheese Burger and Fried Potato


2150 yen (about $18.10)

5. Shinichi’s Favourite Handmade Lemon Pie


980 yen (about $8.20)

6. Conan Latte


650 yen (about $5.50)

7. Kaitou KID Latte


650 yen…

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[OPEN] DCPH Fanbase Membership Application

Thank you for answering our Fanclub survey. And as a result of your positive feedbacks, we are now doing our best to establish DCPH as a solid Fanbase of Detective Conan here in the Philippines!

With regards to this, we hope for your active participation and also help us unite all Filipino Detective Conan Fans!
And because that, the membership for the said fanbase is now OPEN!

Please make sure to READ AND UNDERSTAND everything what is written there and also make sure that you review your answers when filling up the form to avoid any errors before submitting us your membership application form.

Click the image below for Membership Application Form.fanclub-membership


Welcome to Detective Conan Philippines Official Site!

First, I would like to greet you, merry christmas and a happy new year! 🎄

So to start it all off, this is my gift to DCPH Community! ❤

As a part of establishing a local fanbase for Detective Conan, we have started off asking you to answer a survey about some details for the membership. The next step is this, a website for you to visit from time to time. We’ve been preparing this for you since November 2016. But wait, the surprises are not yet stopping to this, because we have one last thing to end 2016 and to start off the year 2017, so make sure to visit this site from time to time, because we will announce it through here or on our facebook! So better watch out!

This site will serve as our homepage, aside from the Facebook page. Here, we will feature the local fanclub activities and updates, different things about Detective Conan especially the local and international news, local events, cosplays, and lots of fan related stuff, well because this is a fanbase, so we want to make sure the most of fan related stuff will be featured here! We will update this site periodically as we also have jobs in real life too and some of us are still a student, like me. Please take note that we won’t be subbing any episodes, movies or manga translations since we are not a fan-subbing team but we will make sure that you will enjoy and get the important updates from the series.

The whole website is not yet completely finished, as we are still filling up every page one by one. But together with you, we hope to complete this by early next year (2017). If you may we can also use some of your help for this website, we will be accepting some contributors, and we are also looking for team staff for the fanbase.

We hope you enjoy exploring the site, as we have prepared all of this especially to all of you.

As for the membership, we are still preparing for it, and will be tentatively available by next year, 2017.

Lastly, for everyone who supported us from our First Fan Gathering held last October 8, 2016 in Makati, thank you very much for the love and support, and the trust you’ve given to us to organize that event, we really appreciate it! We hope that this next step we will face for DCPH, will also be another success. Don’t forget that without your help and support, we won’t be able to do this alone, it is our vision; “to unite all the Detective Conan from the Philippines”, and from that very first event we organize, we have seen the unity even though, we, DC fans, have met for the first time we were able to see you team up and enjoy the presence of each other, you even helped us prepare for that day and ‘pack up’, we really appreciate it!

Once again, Thank you very much! ❤


Ruffa Aquino
Founder of Detective Conan Philippines

[ENG SUB] Movie 21 Teaser


So here it is Movie 21 Teaser.

We only hard-subbed this.
Credits to the translators and soft-subbers.

I edited the video’s brightness so you might notice the inconsistency of the lighting, and also added slight old style film filter but barely noticable to avoid the copyright claim.. because I always get this Blocked worldwide.. so yeah better watch it before this video gets traced.

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A/N: I just tried subbing this one video to practice. This is my first time subbing a video.


Photo above from: Conan Portal