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Sakura Gathering 2017: Every Fan’s Dream Get-Together

Detective Conan fans from all over the place gathered together to enjoy this whole day of fun and exciting activities. Of course, the games, the mysteries and the singing is back. What made this gathering so much better is that there are more fans who gathered this time, there are artists and shops who came and exhibited their work, and we got more time to be friends with each other.

What I love the most about this fandom is that everyone is just willing to be friends with everyone! I feel that we are more than just fans, we are a family. And thanks to everyone who has been doing their best, the event was indeed, successful.

Activities included the classic mystery-solving, where everyone battled their wits out to see who can outsmart the given case. There was also a flattering Karaoke contest where the participants get to sing their favorite Detective Conan song. Abigail was lucky and talented enough to win the title.

Soon, an intense battle of sack race determined which team is the most competitive. Despite the minor mishaps, it was all but a healthy competition and everyone managed to still walk away from the field with a smile on their face.

Who could forget how the cosplayers were able to strut their costumes during the cosplay competition? Nikita was undeniably the runaway winner (according to the audience) with her rendition of Vermouth from the Black Organization.

And of course, everyone experience the “hanami” feels with all the sakura petals and tea-drinking by the afternoon.

Prizes and freebies for this event is not your average joe. Sure, there were prizes such as posters, stickers and novelty items but some of the prizes given away this afternoon were movie tickets to the much anticipated Movie 21: The Crimson Love Letter. Another prize is a scholarship for Module 101 on Animation from SEACAT, our partner; and that’s not only for one fan, BUT TWO who are willing to take on animation to a whole new level. But one particular prize shocked everyone in a good way, and that is TWO tickets for Japan! It includes roundtrip airfare and lodging, and everyone was rooting for it.

People also enjoyed the displays of manga and toy collection of one of our members and biggest supporters, Laila.

In between the activities, everyone dropped by the artist’s booth to snag some cool souvenir from our exhibitor artists Flyhy Sky and China. I was also lucky enough to showcase some of my personal projects and DCPH Founder Ruffa also displayed original and official DCPH stickers.

Truly it was a day to be remembered. Although some slips happen like me losing my obi (I was so pissed that I cannot wear my yukata), everyone was still all smiles at the end of the event. We have been receiving good feedback and that’s how we are sure that we can continue to make events like these possible in the future.

And of course, after all the stressin’ and enjoyin’, everyone who stayed for the after-party was able to enjoy the pool!

Thanks to everyone who joined us in the fantastic event. Watch out for our mini-events like the Block Screening of Movie 21 at SM Megamall and more!

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Second Gathering

For everyone who has been following this website, I am sure you probably knew what happened in the previous fan gathering. This year is going to be totally different, as it is much bigger and much better than last year’s.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should not miss this one fantastic event.

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Mhakkie: On cosplaying the West sweetheart Kazuha Toyama

In today’s cosplay feature, let’s get to know the cute Kazuha Toyama cosplayer from our first gathering: Mhakkie.

Mhakkie started becoming a fan of Detective Conan when her youngest brother’s nanny told her to watch the new anime on Local TV. She said it would be really interesting for Mhakkie because she loved detective and mystery stories.

© Alec Egido

After watching Detective Conan, she was definitely hooked! From then on, Detective Conan has been in her top anime list. She started as just a casual fan, watching episodes on local TV when it’s available. As time passed by, she was able to catch up with the episodes and her love for the anime grew stronger. Mhakkie watched other Mystery-themed animes but, for her, nothing has that “oompf factor” that Detective Conan has.

© Chops Bardos

Mhakkie started attending events back in 2006 with her friend. It was then that she got introduced into the world of cosplay. She found that it was really fun watching characters from your favorite shows/games come to life.

That time, she was really into Naruto and she really wanted to try cosplaying Tenten who is her favorite. Soon, they went to a convention in UST the same year where they, fortunately, met a cosplayer who told them about an upcoming convention the following month and that’s when they finally decided that they would push through with cosplaying. Genin Tenten was her first cosplay.

©Leo Tagulao

For Mhakkie, cosplay is a fun and challenging hobby. “You get to discover a lot of things about yourself. It may be a skill in drawing, painting, sewing or even building! You also get to meet other people who have the same interests and even be friends with outside of cosplay. [I met my bestfriend on that same convention where I first cosplayed]”

She considers the best thing about cosplay is to give life to your favorite character. “I may not have as much time and chance to cosplay now but I still haven’t given up on this wonderful craft. Who says you’re too old to play dress up?”
You can get to know more about her works when you follow her World Cosplay account.

Riyu: On cosplaying Kaito Kid

On today’s cosplay feature, let us look at Riyu and his Kaito Kid cosplay

Let’s admit it, Kaito Kid is one of Detective Conan’s most coveted shonen. Girls in the Conanverse like him, and he also has a huge following to the fans in real life. For Riyu, Kaito Kid fits him the most because of his shonen look and physique.

Riyu became a Detective Conan fan because of its airing in the Local TV in the 90s. He was captivated by its episodes and gets chills and excitement while watching. I can definitely say that a lot of us can relate to that feeling. Sometimes, it’s also hard to stop watching them online.

© Riyu

Riyu started cosplaying after trying it just for “wear-something” gimmick. He shares the joy of seeing people loving the way he portrays the character. This special feeling makes him happy and proud of his cosplay.

© Riyu

Riyu cosplays for fun. He always loved bringing justice to his favorite characters. For him, “Cosplay is just a hobby yet it brings happiness to me,” and I couldn’t agree with him more.


Catch Riyu’s other cosplay projects on Facebook and his page. He is also on Twitter so you can follow him. Next week, stay tuned for our next cosplay feature!

Celty Kishitani: On Cosplay and Detective Conan

It is fun and weird to be writing about yourself on a fan page website. Hahaha! But I have to get through it!
Starting today, we will be featuring Detective Conan cosplayers from the Philippines. And I thought, since I am getting into this already, why not start with myself?

The first event where I cosplayed was ToyCon 2011. It was not a very good Misa Amane cosplayer, but everyone knows who I am. And since then, I just started cosplaying because bringing your favorite characters to life is fun and that feeling is very special.

In Detective Conan universe, I have cosplayed Conan Edogawa himself on Ozine Fest 2014 Day 2. It was fun and I tagged along a group of Kuroko no Basuke cosplayers.

Me making Aomine sleep (Aomine cosplay by Bon)

I also tried cosplaying Ai Haibara, but never debuted her in an event.

And just last year, on Detective Conan PH Gathering of the Detectives, I cosplayed as Sonoko Suzuki, along with other DCPH cosplayers.

It has been quite a journey for me as a cosplayer, but I am definitely not stopping. Cosplaying for me, is one of my artistic avenues, and I am a strong advocate of cosplay for all, not just for those who has money. You can be a cosplayer by working hard every step of the way. Don’t be sad if your cosplay is not there yet, there is always room for improvement. Remember, every cosplayer had to start somewhere, too.

I love Detective Conan so much, it is very dear to my heart. It is one of the few animes that I am a solid fan of, has a cool collection of merch and figures and still watch as of this day.

Anyway, if you are interested with what I do, I share all of my work in my blog, my Twitter, my tumblr and my YouTube Channel. You can also follow me on Facebook.

All for the Merch: Shopping Quest in Osaka

Before the Autumn ended, I went on a trip to Osaka, specifically in Den Den Town (literally Electric Town). It is dubbed as the Akihabara of Osaka, streets littered with gaming, collection and mobile stores. It is also colorfully laden with game centers, manga shops, toy stores and media stores, and it was perfect for any shopping quest.

Den Den Town early in the morning

My hotel is conveniently located right in front of this Gunpla store, and my window view was a delight.

View from my Hotel Room Window
Where I stayed

I only spent three days in Osaka, but it was really memorable. It’s not everyday that you are in Japan so, why would I pass up this chance to shop around?

I know it is kinda rude to take pictures inside a store, but I don’t see why. I went to Pokemon Center in Umeda and everyone was just taking photos, so… eh.

The first thing that caught my eye was this Kaito Kid dakimakura (body pillow). It is pretty expensive (I am pretty sure it is 16,000¥) for me but I think a standard price for dakimakura. I genuinely love the design because it is not naked like most dakimakura and Kaito Kid would be just laying there on your bed with you. Beside it is a Ran magic pillow that costs 3,000¥.

Kaito Kid-sama 😍

After walking around, the ground floor of this building is actually filled with random anime goodies, but unfortunately I cannot take photos as there were a lot of people and many staff that may kick me out of the store if I do.

So I just left and walked around the gaming centers when I spotted these Amuro and Akai merchandise posters. Apprently, you can win these in one of the machines, but yeah, I can’t take photos because of the staff. Anyway, it is worth checking out if you do plan to go to Osaka.

Hanging off keychain
Premium Birthday Cards

And last but not the least are doujinshi. They are literally fan fictions and apparently a lot of publishers produce them for the fans. I am not quite familiar with licensure or anything, but I guess that is also one reason why they prohibit pictures (but heck, you can Google everything now). I won’t be naming the shop, but, hello, it’s not like it’s not everywhere.

Sneak photo of one of the many displays

Standard price of each book is 380¥ and I would have bought a lot if I was not living with kids at home. So I’ll save it for some other time. And of course, it is in Japanese. Better work that language skills if you want to fully enjoy the experience.

And back in my hotel, they also have the complete collection of the Detective Conan manga, free for everyone to read. It is conveniently located near the laundry area and I only saw it while doing my laundry on my last day. If I only knew it earlier. I don’t have a decent photo of it but apparently you can see it on Google.


Parting Shot

Well, don’t be sad if you can’t visit Japan any time soon because here in the Philippines we can find thrift shops and conventions where they sell Detectove Conan merchandise. A good example of thrift shop that sells authentic Detective Conan manga for 100 pesos can be found in Araneta Square in Monumento, Caloocan City (one ride from any LRT-1 station). But be reminded that they are all in Japanese.

Manga for 100 pesos

If Japanese is something that you are not willing to learn anytime soon, you can check out the licensed version here in the Philippines… in our very own language! J-Line Comics is too kind to bring us Volume 1 – 10 of the manga. Click here to know more about J-Line and their titles, but basically you can find it in bookstores nationwide.

Speaking of which, would you like to know more about Japanese animation and the whole process of making an anime episode like Detective Conan? We are having a talk on that exact same topic in collaboration with J-Line Comics and SEACAT. Click here for information and free registration. See you there!

Gathering of the Detectives: First Fan Gathering of Detective Conan PH

If you have been an avid anime fan, I’m sure you’ve heard of Detective Conan, one of the longest running series of manga and anime created by Gosho Aoyama. The manga was first read on 1994, and two years after that, the anime was launched. From 1996 to this year, fans watching have long waited to see if Conan will be able to reclaim his body as Shinichi Kudo, after being drugged by the Black Organization. The long stretch of the story have mysteriously kept the fans glued to the series. I have personally been a fan since 2007, but I have been watching it long before that. Detective Conan has that unique charm to drag but be still very relevant. Fans just laugh away the fact that within the anime, technology had been evolving, but the age of the characters seemed frozen.

Here comes the conception of the Detective Conan Philippines to have an event: it started with a survey, asking likers of the page if they’d be willing to share and celebrate the love for the series. Shortly, it was set on October 8th in Warehouse Eight, Makati City, with RSVP only 250 pesos (about 5$). It was meant to be a small gathering, limited only to 50 people in ticketing . Preparations of the page administrators, sponsors and volunteers loomed towards the date, while everyone else waited with much anticipation.

As soon as it was announced, I already had my eyes on cosplaying Sonoko Suzuki. I intentionally bleached my hair for weeks (since lace wigs are next to impossible to acquire) and I had to remake my vest (sordid saga on tumblr). I was also one of the people who heed the call for volunteers in its ingress and egress (there’s nothing I wouldn’t do in the name of fandom *lol*).

It happens today!
Fellow cosplayers as our favorite characters
Movie Pop Quiz Top Three
Team Yellow with our puzzle

The day finally came, and I have treasured every waking moment of it. The venue was fantastic (by now, I am so used to travelling from North to South), had room for all 47 guest and admins, and as cozy as it can get. Fellow cosplayers graced the event. The activities were also fun, which made me wish I had reviewed more (blame memory gap), and tickled the mystery solver in everyone of us. The sing-along, the filmshowing, the pop quiz, the fan art, the jigsaw puzzle, the clue hunting, the code-breaking and the raffle! EVERYTHING! I actually wished the time was longer. I am a freakin’ social butterfly and I would have loved the chance to know everyone by name, because it is the best thing to do in gatherings like this. Or maybe… Time just flies by faster when you are having fun. The food was quite unexpected, but I liked that cake because I am a sweets monster.

The winning fan art ©Jenghis Gochangco
My friend Angelie, cosplaying as the Queen Sonoko as well! ©Ma Angelie Maglana

I personally loved how I was reunited with a friend, Angelie, for the first time in a long time. Cosplaying with my friend China as Makoto was spazzing in disguise (we extremely love SonokoXMakoto). I also met a lot of wonderful people, which is quite refreshing for me, because we are all in the same boat that day.

The fan art winner Jenghis, with me and China.

No one left empty-handed as there were prizes more than enough for everyone. Fan artists received special gifts and badges, winners of the games took home posters, figurines, comics and watches… and the standees were even raffled out. The event ended with hopes to see each other on the next event. I personally would like to congratulate all the administrators: Ruffa, Lei (who is a fellow educator by profession), Jec and thanks to the sponsor J-Line Comics, who publishes Detective Conan manga locally. It was a job well done, and everyone will definitely look forward to the next one.

© Detective Conan Philippines
Selfie with the page owner and admin, Ruffa