More than just fandom, we’re family: DCPH Movie 21 Blocked Screening Event

All smiles after the movie!


It has been almost a year when I met the awesome people who worked all their best to make Detective Conan Philippines possible and it has been such an honor to be now part of them. Like myself, those who kept their support to DCPH (some even longer than me) were all ecstatic when we received the news that the 21st Movie of our beloved anime, Detective Conan, will be shown in the local cinemas. What made us more excited is that we are going to have a blocked screening event on the weekend of its release.

Admin Lei, Laila and Phoebe kept the moviegoers organized!

Preparations started a couple of weeks ago and was made sure that everyone will have a quality time with fellow fans while enjoying the movie on such cozy place like the Director’s Club at SM Megamall Fashion Hall.

And so, July 22nd came, the day we were all waiting for. Those who are eager to watch came right at the opening of the registration at 2:00 (some even earlier) like myself. I was there to capture everyone’s smiles and enthusiastic faces as we wait for the venue to be ready.

“We got our tickets!”

Fans who were part of the Sakura Gathering last April were able to get their hands on their lovely copies of Detective Conan manga, as an “omiyage” (lit. souvenir) from Admin Lei.

Nikita, Mhakkie and Angelie as Ran, Kazuha and Sonoko!

Familiar faces like Mhakkie, Angelie and Nikita graced the event as well in their costumes, much to everyone’s delight!

Clock strikes 2:45pm and our anticipation grew stronger. We were all welcomed to the reception area of the Director’s Club to get some drinks to accompany our complimentary popcorn bowls. Seats were soon filled as fans who have registered poured in. Everyone quickly found their seats and got to relax on such comfy chairs, savoring the moments before everyone went all pumped watching the movie.
And so the movie started! But of course, no one wants to be spoiled, right?! All I can say is that it has all the elements of a Detective Conan movie that we all loved, and you have to see it, if you haven’t yet.

The room may be dark, but we’d still pose for the photo op!

To end the day, many of the moviegoers tagged along with us to Tenya (a Japanese restaurant) to extend our mini-gathering over [early] dinner. Everyone was able to have some small chat and laughs over sumptuous Japanese food.

Of course, some of us stayed longer just to spend time with friends that we have found through this group. More than the movie, we came to see each other, as well as our friends from DCF, have a fun time talking about Heiji and Kazuha’s predicament in the movie, the latest episode and to some, talk about our personal lives. It is amazing how much a fictional work of art can connect lots of people, isn’t it?


Detective Conan Movie 21: Crimson Love Letter is now showing at selected SM Cinemas for a limited time. For information on schedule and list of cinemas, check out their website.

We are looking for someone who can give their review of the movie! Submit your review (at least 100 words) at along with a short description of yourself in 140 characters (think of Twitter) and you might find your work feature here! We’ll be accepting submissions until August 4th! Featured review will be published on August 6th!


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