Renzo Alferez: On swooning many hearts as the ever-famous thief

In today’s article, let’s get to know another Kaitou Kid cosplayer, Renzo Alferez, as he shares the charm, passion and love for the series, Detective Conan.

© marisxa

He became a Detective Conan fan upon watching the very first episode. He was impressed by how our main guy Shinichi made his deduction in this particular episode (we all know that roller coaster, right?). According to Renzo, “He is extremely intelligent, he solves every case very [smoothly] and without flaw!” Renzo also liked how cool and confident Shinichi is whenever he has a case to solve.

© Jonelle Reamico

Renzo was first captivated by the idea of cosplaying when he attended a local convention. He saw a booth that sells costumes and spotted a Kuroko No Basket Teiko Jersey that belongs to one of his favorite character: Midorima Shintarou. He hesitated at first but ended up giving in to the temptation (as most cosplayers do) and got the costume for himself. It was then followed by many costumes and, you guessed it! He loved cosplaying as much as we all do.

© Jonelle Reamico

“I want be the character that I liked [and] loved. I want to wield weapons [and] have imaginary powers when I cosplay my favorite characters”, as Renzo told DCPH. Through cosplaying, he was able to meet a lot of people who share the same passion as him. As a genuine person he is, he values memories with friends, and he likes it better with fellow cosplayers. “It’s only a once-in-a-lifetime moment to portray characters you really loved since they’re fictitious alright so yeah!”


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