10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Second Gathering

For everyone who has been following this website, I am sure you probably knew what happened in the previous fan gathering. This year is going to be totally different, as it is much bigger and much better than last year’s.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should not miss this one fantastic event.

1. There will be a cosplay contest.

Come as your favorite Detective Conan character, and get a chance to win a prize from us! It is, after all, a fan gathering, so we might as well toss in an event where we can all share what we love to do. And as for cosplayers, we definitely want to cosplay!

Cosplayers from the first gathering


2. Sing your heart out at our Karaoke contest.

Know all the lyrics to your favorite Detective Conan opening or ending song? Can hit that high note confidently? Then show us your talent and get a chance to win the prize!

To join: Prepare your song and email it to us (staff.dcph@gmail) with the subject “DCPH Karaoke Contest”. If you can find an instrumental or karaoke version of your song, much better! Just bring a USB Flash Drive on the event so we can play your song. If you cannot bring your song, inform us in the email with the title of the song, so we can prepare our JoySound app for you!



3. It’s your chance to wear that Yukata in the closet!

Everyone is encouraged to don their best spring get up! And when I say spring get up, I am talking about yukata or happi! We would appreciate if everyone can come in that sweet spring vibe (as we are also going to do our best to make the place as spring fresh as possible). Think of a hanami scene coming true.

It is NOT REQUIRED, but of course, people who will share the spring vibe with us will have special gifts from DCPH.


4. Your Dream Spring Tea Party will finally come true.

A spring gathering will not be complete if we will not have the perfect tea party. The ambiance, the people, the food and the drinks. There’s just only one thing left, and that is you coming to it! And maybe we can also light up the sky to end the event.


5. We will be making a fan memento for Gosho Aoyama!

We will shoot videos, take fansigns, and give hand-written fan appreciation letters to the man himself, Gosho Aoyama. One of our representatives will fly it over and set an appointment with him, to hand it out personally. I bet you won’t wanna miss this chance.

© https://secure.static.tumblr.com/f77dc632029cda6c6618f04c5ea675a9/twmd6d0/GhBo91hbu/tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.gif

6. We are going to have good food.

We all took care of it so don’t fret that you will be hungry on that day. We will serve the best food befitting the event (hopefully!) and we covered both lunch and snacks!



7. Freebies, freebies for everyone!

No one will come home empty-handed and we already secured freebies for everyone. Early-bird ticket purchases will also receive a special gift from us. So if I were you, I’ll reserve now to get my money’s worth. Link at the end of the article.


8. Shop for fantastic items!

We will be partnering with reputable artists, shops, and exhibitors to make this event and experience possible. Got anyone who might be interested in becoming our partner exhibitor? They can promote their shop and sell their items, too. Click this link to know more.


9. Get to meet new friends!

Finding other people who enjoys the same things as you do is more rewarding than anything! So make sure to grab all that confidence and speak up to get to know more of your fellow fans when you join the event. After all, you will be doing things together this whole day.



Literally! There will be an after-party, where you can enjoy the exclusive pool in the venue! Ticket-holders can enjoy this treat, if they wish to remain. Just make sure to bring appropriate swimming attire, only swimsuits and rashguard will be allowed!

No rule-breaking! The pool is only 4ft, so we can avoid accidents. Rough playing is not allowed or else we’ll kick you out.


You can enjoy all these and more when you sign up and reserve your ticket now! Click this link and register! All the details will be sent to you afterwards. For more details, you can comment in this article or visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

For business inquiries, you can send us an email at staff.dcph@gmail.com.
SEE YOU ON APRIL 30th! Click here to know more of the event details.


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