Mhakkie: On cosplaying the West sweetheart Kazuha Toyama

In today’s cosplay feature, let’s get to know the cute Kazuha Toyama cosplayer from our first gathering: Mhakkie.

Mhakkie started becoming a fan of Detective Conan when her youngest brother’s nanny told her to watch the new anime on Local TV. She said it would be really interesting for Mhakkie because she loved detective and mystery stories.

© Alec Egido

After watching Detective Conan, she was definitely hooked! From then on, Detective Conan has been in her top anime list. She started as just a casual fan, watching episodes on local TV when it’s available. As time passed by, she was able to catch up with the episodes and her love for the anime grew stronger. Mhakkie watched other Mystery-themed animes but, for her, nothing has that “oompf factor” that Detective Conan has.

© Chops Bardos

Mhakkie started attending events back in 2006 with her friend. It was then that she got introduced into the world of cosplay. She found that it was really fun watching characters from your favorite shows/games come to life.

That time, she was really into Naruto and she really wanted to try cosplaying Tenten who is her favorite. Soon, they went to a convention in UST the same year where they, fortunately, met a cosplayer who told them about an upcoming convention the following month and that’s when they finally decided that they would push through with cosplaying. Genin Tenten was her first cosplay.

©Leo Tagulao

For Mhakkie, cosplay is a fun and challenging hobby. “You get to discover a lot of things about yourself. It may be a skill in drawing, painting, sewing or even building! You also get to meet other people who have the same interests and even be friends with outside of cosplay. [I met my bestfriend on that same convention where I first cosplayed]”

She considers the best thing about cosplay is to give life to your favorite character. “I may not have as much time and chance to cosplay now but I still haven’t given up on this wonderful craft. Who says you’re too old to play dress up?”
You can get to know more about her works when you follow her World Cosplay account.


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