Riyu: On cosplaying Kaito Kid

On today’s cosplay feature, let us look at Riyu and his Kaito Kid cosplay

Let’s admit it, Kaito Kid is one of Detective Conan’s most coveted shonen. Girls in the Conanverse like him, and he also has a huge following to the fans in real life. For Riyu, Kaito Kid fits him the most because of his shonen look and physique.

Riyu became a Detective Conan fan because of its airing in the Local TV in the 90s. He was captivated by its episodes and gets chills and excitement while watching. I can definitely say that a lot of us can relate to that feeling. Sometimes, it’s also hard to stop watching them online.

© Riyu

Riyu started cosplaying after trying it just for “wear-something” gimmick. He shares the joy of seeing people loving the way he portrays the character. This special feeling makes him happy and proud of his cosplay.

© Riyu

Riyu cosplays for fun. He always loved bringing justice to his favorite characters. For him, “Cosplay is just a hobby yet it brings happiness to me,” and I couldn’t agree with him more.


Catch Riyu’s other cosplay projects on Facebook and his page. He is also on Twitter so you can follow him. Next week, stay tuned for our next cosplay feature!


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