Anime Origins and Techniques: DCPH and SEACAT Animation Seminar

Yesterday, January 8, 2017, Detective Conan PH gathered for the first time this year to attend the free Animation Seminar conducted by SEACAT (South East Asian Center of Animation Technology). SEACAT is home to premier animation studio using the techniques of Japanese animation and a school dedicated to teach the new generation of Filipino artists and animators. I, myself, am an aspiring artist so being able to attend it was all in all fun and exciting for me.

It is home to 9 Lives Animation Studios
The seminar is about to start!

We met Sir Brian again (who was with us with the first gathering), this time together with Sir Jimmi, who are very respected in the Animation scene. We learned about the history of Japanese Animation which was really cool. The only thing I know in its History was from the point where Astroboy was shown onwards. Everything before that I only learned from this seminar. More than half of the titles they mentioned are very interesting in its own right and I question myself why I haven’t seen them. Of course I have seen some awesome titles like “Spirited Away” and “Grave of the Fireflies” and after this seminar, I have added a lot of titles on my bucketlist.

Brian “The” B3X, President of SEACAT

After learning about the history, we had a little break and jumped right into learning how an anime is made. Before this, I only know about how a manga was produced (back from when I was still working with scanlating Kuroshitsuji) like panel arrangements, scripts and effects, but anime is totally different. It is a very tedious work involving a literal army of animators and artists. A single second is made of A LOT of drawings. What’s funny is now I know why there were so many derp faces in anime that we made so much fun of that we even dedicated an entire page of derp screenshots back in the Kuroshitsuji forum days.

The seminar was more than just learning, it is an experience. Both Sir Brian and Sir Jimmi shared their stories about being an animator and there was never a dull moment for the whole duration of the program. And as a teacher myself, they make really good teachers, engaging their learners on what they teach. I personally know people in our group who loved drawing so much and I am so happy for them that they were able to be in touch with the passion that they have and for everyone, to be able to get a glimpse on the industry that we all love an adore, anime.

Sir Brian and Sir Jimmi poses for the camera

“If you really love animation, you will love doing it,” Sir Brian told us. Truly this is more than just a job, it is a passion: delivering stories in such a creative way like animation.

Everyone is just all smiles after the seminar!

If you are an aspiring artist and want to pursue it, SEACAT is here for you! Finishing their animation courses with flying colors will help you land a job with them as an animator. If this is something that interests you, check out or email them at They offer a variety of program such as Basic and Essential Drawing Course, Animator, Assistant Animator, Flash Animation, 3D Animation and many more!

P.S. I do consider taking a course or two myself.


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