Welcome to Detective Conan Philippines Official Site!

First, I would like to greet you, merry christmas and a happy new year! 🎄

So to start it all off, this is my gift to DCPH Community! ❤

As a part of establishing a local fanbase for Detective Conan, we have started off asking you to answer a survey about some details for the membership. The next step is this, a website for you to visit from time to time. We’ve been preparing this for you since November 2016. But wait, the surprises are not yet stopping to this, because we have one last thing to end 2016 and to start off the year 2017, so make sure to visit this site from time to time, because we will announce it through here or on our facebook! So better watch out!

This site will serve as our homepage, aside from the Facebook page. Here, we will feature the local fanclub activities and updates, different things about Detective Conan especially the local and international news, local events, cosplays, and lots of fan related stuff, well because this is a fanbase, so we want to make sure the most of fan related stuff will be featured here! We will update this site periodically as we also have jobs in real life too and some of us are still a student, like me. Please take note that we won’t be subbing any episodes, movies or manga translations since we are not a fan-subbing team but we will make sure that you will enjoy and get the important updates from the series.

The whole website is not yet completely finished, as we are still filling up every page one by one. But together with you, we hope to complete this by early next year (2017). If you may we can also use some of your help for this website, we will be accepting some contributors, and we are also looking for team staff for the fanbase.

We hope you enjoy exploring the site, as we have prepared all of this especially to all of you.

As for the membership, we are still preparing for it, and will be tentatively available by next year, 2017.

Lastly, for everyone who supported us from our First Fan Gathering held last October 8, 2016 in Makati, thank you very much for the love and support, and the trust you’ve given to us to organize that event, we really appreciate it! We hope that this next step we will face for DCPH, will also be another success. Don’t forget that without your help and support, we won’t be able to do this alone, it is our vision; “to unite all the Detective Conan from the Philippines”, and from that very first event we organize, we have seen the unity even though, we, DC fans, have met for the first time we were able to see you team up and enjoy the presence of each other, you even helped us prepare for that day and ‘pack up’, we really appreciate it!

Once again, Thank you very much! ❤


Ruffa Aquino
Founder of Detective Conan Philippines


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